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Tabisuru Chanokuni Shukan

Tabisuru Chanokuni Shukan

Located in the south of Fukuoka prefecture, Yame is rich in nature, tradition, history, and handcrafts,
which should be passed on to the future generation. All of 29 experience programs are unique and each of them are just like beautiful stories about Yame with full of craftsmanship and their warm hospitality.
We, as a host, are excited how many happy moments of participants we will see during the coming 65 days.

What is Tabisuru Chanokuni shukan?

Tabisuru Chanokuni Shukan are special experience programs featuring industries in Yame such as traditional crafts, agriculture, forestry as well as life harmonized with nature and warm hospitality. This is a great opportunity to get in touch with the charms of Yame.


- English speaking guides are available at each event.
- Participants need to reach the location by themselves.
- Participants shall be decided by the drawing of lots after the registration is closed.
- Program 1-10A: The registration will be closed on September 27th, participants shall be decided by the drawing of lots on September 28th.
- Program 10B-29: The registration will be closed on October 10th, participants shall be decided by the drawing of lots on October 11th.

Get a taste of Yame

Get in touch with the craftsmanship

Explore the history, nature & culture of Yame

  • 07. Autumn Trekking

    07. Autumn Trekking

    A pleasant & thrilling guided trek in Mt.Mikuni & Mt.Kunimidake. The course includes grove of mixed trees, chain climbing and is suitable for intermediate level trekkers.

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  • 11. Yame mineral club

    11. Yame mineral club

    Explore industrial heritage sites of goldmines with Dr. Michio Kido, Doctor of Science.

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  • 15. Yame Street observation team

    15. Yame Street observation team

    Explore the streets of the white-walled buildings which remains various sites of old castle town with a knowledgeable guide to discover hidden charms and trivia.

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  • 21. Learning more about Iwai

    21. Learning more about Iwai

    A unique lecture about the world of tumuluses by focusing on the Iwatoyama Tumulus with a knowledgeable guide.

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  • 23. Forestry Tour

    23. Forestry Tour

    A guided tour at the forefront of forestry in Yame such as forest, timber market, a sawmill as well as the newly built apartment using Yame cedar aiming to promote the regeneration of forestry and the settlement of this area.

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