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Information on Tours and Events

Information on Tours and Events

  • VISIT YAME Bus Tour

    Take a full-day excursion bus tour to enjoy Yame’s multi-faceted beauty, through seasonal flowers and festivals and craft experience workshops.

  • YAME - Home of Traditional Crafts

    12 experiences; 3 artisan studios

    Yame abounds in craftsmanship, with determined artisans coming from every field.

    By visiting, you will come to understand the culture of Yame, which will intrigue you with its profound mystique and warmth of its people.

    Explore their studios first-hand. Meet the craftsmen, known as takumi.
    Everything you need is there. You will be enchanted by Yame after experiencing its charm.

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  • Tabi Suru Chanokuni (Travel Around Tea Country) Week

    Information on Interactive Programs Unique to Yame

    The Chanokuni (tea country) of Yame and Okuyame has been nurtured by the extensive Yabegawa water system. Its abundant blessings are reflected in the seasonal lives of the people, traditional industries, history, culture, agriculture and forestry. Various interactive programs are hosted in the spring and autumn here in the beautiful mountains and in the traditional, white-walled townscape that has prevailed through the ages. Such programs are like bundles of emotion, rather like the profound flavor of the renowned Gyokuro green tea of this region.
    Note: Dates may change.

    Tabi Suru Chanokuni (Travel Around Tea Country) Week