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Home of Traditional Crafts

YAME - Home of Traditional Crafts
16 experiences; 3 artisan studios

Yame abounds in craftsmanship, with determined artisans coming from every field.
By visiting, you will come to understand the culture of Yame, which will intrigue you with its profound mystique and warmth of its people.
Explore their studios first-hand. Meet the craftsmen, known as takumi.
Everything you need is there. You will be enchanted by Yame after experiencing its charm.


- All bookings are arranged on request. We might not be able to meet your request.
- We recommend you book at least 2 weeks in advance to avoid missing out on your preferred date and time.
- An interpreter (Japanese to English) is available at extra charge
- Payment is required by credit card after the booking is confirmed.


Artisan Studios

Although the studios are very important places for each craftsman, they open their doors to give an Insight into their individual creative processes. A visit with genuine Interest in their work is most welcome. Strictly self-responsible for your safety.

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