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Go on a Journey to Yame! Visit Yame is a website operated by Yame Tourist Information Center and introduces sightseeing information, specialty products, and traditional crafts that are unique to Yame.

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Introduction Information on Tourism of Yame

Numerous events are held across the Yame and Okuyame regions throughout the year, including festivities to celebrate nature in each beautiful season and to observe age-old, traditional rituals. Each is alluring in its own way, for both the local residents as well as for people from outside Yame City. Take a full-day excursion bus tour to enjoy Yame’s multi-faceted beauty, through seasonal flowers and festivals and craft experience workshops.Enjoy the lovely landscape and fun events in Yame!

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Yamejin: Photographers/writers

Exquisite landscapes as well as information on delicious dishes from Yame and Okuyame

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