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Scenic Landscapes

Yame’s Nature and Landscape

Yame’s abundant nature offers different atmospheres according to each season. From plums, cherry blossoms, azaleas, to rhododendrons, the flowers that bloom in the Chanokuni (Tea Country) of Yame are all idyllic and lovely. You will be welcomed by the beautiful landscape of foothills and festivals celebrating seasonal flowers and culture. Come visit our Chanokuni (Tea Country) for wonderful encounters.

  • Tanikawa Plum Orchard

    Tanikawa Plum Orchard

    Tachibana is one of the biggest plum producing regions in Kyushu. This spacious, hilly orchard spans 80 hectares and is home to about 30,000 white plum trees. It attracts numerous visitors every year.

  • Rhododendron Park

    Rhododendron Park

    When in season, nearly 10,000 rhododendrons of different varieties burst into bloom on a hillside. This popular spot also has walking paths, so you can come here to enjoy a leisurely stroll.

  • Kurogi Big Wisteria

    Kurogi Big Wisteria

    Susanoo Shrine is home to the Kurogi Big Wisteria, a wisteria arbor spanning about 3,000 m2. Every year in mid-April, the purple flowers begin to bloom, and some of them grow to longer than one meter.

  • Fireflya


    Fireflies light up the night sky in early summer. You can enjoy large numbers of the glowing insects in the bucolic Joyo-machi district.

  • Mt. Gozen & Mt. Shaka

    Mt. Gozen & Mt. Shaka

    People flock from all over Kyushu to hike one or both of these peaks and enjoy breathtaking views from the summits. A system of trails connects the two mountains.

  • Yame Chuo Daichaen

    Yame Chuo Daichaen

    This massive carpet of green tea fields is the symbol of Yame. On a clear day, you can see downtown Yame and the Ariake Sea in the distance.

  • Fall Foliage at Tsuhime Shrine

    Fall Foliage at Tsuhime Shrine

    In early November, shrine-goers from the Kaminoiwaya district hold the Momiji (maple leaf) Festival on the grounds of Tsuhime Shrine and adjacent museum.

  • Senbon-Zakura Thousands of Cherry Trees in Hyugami Dam

    Senbon-Zakura Thousands of Cherry Trees in Hyugami Dam

    Hyugami Reservoir, a scenic man-made lake with unique rock formations, is a well-known spot for viewing cherry blossoms.

  • Yabe River

    Yabe River

    The Yabe River meanders slowly from its source in Yabe Village through Yame City before emptying into the Ariake Sea. Stroll down the riverside walking paths in spring to enjoy the yellow expanses of field mustard.

  • Night Sky in Hoshino Village

    Night Sky in Hoshino Village

    Hoshi no Bunkakan (Star Culture Center) is home to one of Kyushu’s largest telescopes, measuring 65 cm in diameter. When the weather is clear, you can view bright stars like Vega even during the daytime.

  • Heart Rock

    Heart Rock

    Legend has it that the gods of Hyuga (modern day Miyazaki) were drawn to Hyugami Gorge by its natural beauty, which is exemplified by Heart Rock, Japan’s biggest heart-shaped rock and well-known power spot.

  • Terraced Rice Paddies of Hirouchi and Uebaru

    Terraced Rice Paddies of Hirouchi and Uebaru

    Hoshino Village is renowned for its terraced rice paddies which afford gorgeous scenic vistas all year round.

  • Cherry Trees and Stone Bridges

    Cherry Trees and Stone Bridges

    Kitakawauchi Park, situated along the Hoshino River at the foot of the mountains, is well known for its 600 somei yoshino cherry trees.

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