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Baba Water Mill Incense

Baba Water Mill Incense

About the Baba Water Mill Incense

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Baba Water Mill Incense

Yame is a production area of cedar powder, which is the raw material for incense. Particularly popular in the late Meiji Period (1868 -1912) to the Showa 50s (70’s / 80’s). Cedar powder production was carried out as a by-product of the cedar forest industry. More than 40 incense production water wheels were in operation during this time. Due to competition with cheap imports, a shortage of successors, and conversion from water wheels to electric power, etc., the only active incense production water mills are in the Baba mill in Yame city, and one other location. Takeshi Baba, who runs the water mill, made the decision to make all natural incense using local cedar leaves.